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"IE 9 beta-x64 on windows 7 ultimate x64, HP envy 15-1050ca"

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let us all not forget the requirements of a good sand box that us beta testers have set in mind. the fundumental idea of a better, faster,... computer is that every single part should be the best it can be, to function well. that is to say taking advantage of powerful hardwares like Intel i7, ati HD MR 4830 gpu1.2ghz and 1gb rom, 6gb RAM, 7200 rpm HDD along side intel tubo boost technology. Hence this a dream pc.

now let the fun begin>>>>>>>>>> flash x64 for windows has just released on adobe labs!!>>>>>>

i installed the x64 bit version and started to use the 64 bit version although you cant make it as your default browser and there is no real fix for it yet, but i gotta say, it kiks chroms ass by far and im gonna tell you just why.

some you people out there who are having issues from the first time using ie9 can reduce the chances of ie9 not working properly by 65%! that number in reality is big!

the reason i told you my detailed hardware information is that ie 9 not only uses CPU & RAM, it now uses your graphics card's processing unit as well by default. that is to say if you dont have a graphics card in this class this option could result in failure of ie9. the fix for this is internet options> Advanced> and cheq the first chq box.!!

as i told you i only use x64 ( its much faster, common 2yrs from now its gonna be 128 bit!! wake up) and so far i have been surfing on ubuntu 10.10, testing chrome x64 there!!! :)) this version of chrome is the only rival to ie 9. love ie9 forget about all that bookmarkbars and shit. simple is better.

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10 Oct 2010

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